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(All information must be typed or completed in blue or black ink)

Contestant Name _______________________________________________________________________ Age ______

Contestant’s email address__________________________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________City_____________________________State/Zip_________

Parent/Guardian Name____________________________________________Telephone__________________________

Chapter__Iota Phi__Chapter Talent Hunt Chairman ____Derric I. Heck____

Chairman Telephone__412-335-6022__Chairman email

Name of High School _______________________________________________________________ Grade __________

Grade Point Avg. (GPA)__________________SAT Score__________________ ACT Score _______________________

Extra Curricula Activities (School/Community) ____________________________________________________________


Honors and Awards Received____________________________________________________________



Church Membership _____________________________________________________

Hobbies _______________________________________________________________


College / University You Plan to Attend _________________________________________________________________

City ______________________________________State_____ Major_________________________________________

Category in which you will compete – Select One

Instrumental (Classic or Contemporary) _____________ Vocal (Classical or Contemporary) _______________________

Dramatic Interpretation __________________________ Visual Art_______________ Dance_______________________

Title of Composition/Presentation ______________________________________________________________________

Composer ________________________________________________________________________________________

Please indicate which of the following you will need for your performance:

a)Piano _____ b) Microphone ________ c) Accompanist _______ d) CD Player _________ e) Other ________________

(Note: You are required to provide and electronic equipment required and an operator.)

Note: A wallet size (passport style) photograph and a biographical sketch of 100 words or less must accompany this form.  The deadline for receipt of this application is the second Wednesday of March each year. Please contact the Talent Hunt Chairman to confirm receipt of your completed application. Completed forms can be returned to the office of your school principal or scanned and emailed.




Contestant Eligibility Requirements:


Students wishing to be contestants in the Second District Conference Talent Hunt Competition must:


  • Be in high school, grades 9 – 12.  No students in grade 8 or below are eligible even if they attend a high school that has those grades! Age is not a factor!
  • Be present for the competition in order to win.
  • Participate as soloists.  No group performances are allowed!  One accompanist is allowed for each vocal or instrumental performance.  Vocalists and instrumentalists may use pre-recorded music on CD.  However, pre-recorded music may not contain any lead or background vocals or lead instruments!!
  • Enter to compete in only one of the seven categories:  Classical instrumental; Classical vocal; Contemporary instrumental; Contemporary vocal; Dance – to include ballet, tap, or modern – no krumpin’, poppin’ or hip-hop; Dramatic interpretation; and Visual arts to include painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography.  No contestant may be adjudicated in more than one category!
  • Submit required materials by established deadline.
  • Memorize their performances and refrain from using profanity or vulgar language or derogatory words, etc.!
  • WProvide their instruments (except for baby grand or grand piano which will be provided by the 2nd District) and any props needed for their performances.  Easels and tables will be provided for visual artists to display their pieces.  Other equipment and supplies must be provided by the contestants.
  • Submit at least 3 – 5 pieces to be adjudicated if entering the Visual Arts category.   It is suggested that each piece be labeled with the artist’s name, title of piece, medium used for the piece, and date the piece was constructed.
  • Dress appropriately:  Females – dress/gown and Males – dark suits with shirt and tie.  NO JEANS OR SNEAKERS!  Contestants in the dance or dramatic interpretation categories may dress according to their presentations.
  • Adhere to the performance time limits.  All instrumental performers will have a maximum of 6 minutes.  All other performers will have 4 minutes.  Contestants will be penalized if they exceed the time limits.